Kiefel - Kuhne Cup Day USA

Kiefel - Kuhne Cup Day USA

June 21, 2018
Let's talk about packaging!

A special Thank You for joining us at our Kiefel - Kuhne Cup Day in Rhode Island!

Your presence made this event possible and it has been a pleasure for us to introduce the new floatable “PP-K-CUP”, manufactured on the Kiefel THERMORUNNER KTR 6.1 Speed and the Multi Functional Tool (MFT) from KIEFEL Packaging BV.

We appreciate you taking the time out of your busy schedule and hope you had an interesting and inspiring time with us.


Your Kiefel Packaging Team
at Brueckner Group USA






  • New trends and developments e. g. material innovations and extrusion by Kuhne
  • Machines, tools and automation by Kiefel, KIEFEL Packaging BV and KIEFEL Packaging GmbH
  • Learn about the new KIEFEL Packaging BV Multifunctional Tool (MFT)!


Thermoforming tool for recyclable polypropylene K-Cups


In close co-operation with its parent company Kiefel, KIEFEL Packaging BV has developed a new patent pending thermoforming tooling system for the production of polypropylene coffee cups which can be recycled in water separation systems thanks to their material density below 1000kg/m3.


The new tooling system has been statistically analyzed as well as tested and can be adapted to most tilting bed style thermoforming machines. Consequently, it does not require any special machine adaptions.


The propriety technology is based on several unique and innovative multifunctional elements in the tool that enable and control the realization of very specific mechanical properties of the coffee cups. These mechanical properties ensure problem free usage of the cups in all commercial K-cup coffee systems. The production of cups can only be consistent if the sheet specification, the process parameters and tool are well balanced.


The production line is based on a Kiefel KTR 6.1 Speed, a KIEFEL Packaging BV 91 cavity tool and KIEFEL Packaging GmbH downstream equipment. With its production capacity around 1 billion cups per annum (24/7) this production system represents Kiefel’s ability to provide turnkey solutions.  


With huge success the production line was presented to the public for the first time at the Kiefel-Kuhne Cup Days Europe in March 2018.

During the NPE 2018 Kiefel additionally displayed the K-Cup production of the KTR 6.1 Speed in Orlando Florida. In June 2018 the complete production system was demonstrated during the Kiefel-Kuhne Cup Day USA at Kuhne in Rhode Island, USA.

Higher output, new trend products & greater material flexibility with the KTR 6.1 Speed

The KTR 6.1 Speed sets new standards: more power, more forming area, more speed. This leads not just to higher output and new trend products. It also offers the opportunity of processing a wider range of materials like (R) PET, PP, PS, PLA, PE and others, inclusive foamed plastics.


Kiefel is your partner for your customized turn-key solutions and your project success in the capsule production!


KTR machines have a remarkable heritage – strongly influenced by one of the world’s most reputed manufacturers coupled with Kiefel engineering skills.

Always the product in focus. Key production needs like longevity, 24/7 operation, high output requirements in mind. Open to and capably of contribution to set in place new trends like capsules, barrier products and

T-IML. The Kiefel Team does not just deliver a working machine, it offers a one-stop solution and support with R&D if required.


Technical highlights:

  • Pre-heating and heating station with efficient black ceramic elements (HTS)

  • Pyrometer to measure and ensure stable film temperature via closed-loop auto heat performance adjustment

  • Servo-plug drive: powerful, dynamic, accurate

  • Ejector drive: stable, synchronous, precise

  • High-end stacking solutions and automation: from film-roll to packing



Thermorunner KTR 6.1 Speed with Pick-up Stacker and Modular Cup Packer 

Customized and reliable automation solutions für your applications

Kiefel and KIEFEL Packaging GmbH engineer solutions for stacking, packing and downstream automation from reliable standard units to tailor-made automation.


The following line solutions will be presented at the Cup Days:


Pick-up Stacker (PUS) serie

PUS - Pick-up Stacker with MCP: horizontal packing after Pick-up Stacker


The Pick-up Stacker is available in three sophisticated basic designs. All variants have mandrel-guided removal and high capability with up to 50 cycles per minute for the best performance and quality.


Modular Cup Packer (MCP) - Optimizing the production

MCP – Modular Cup Packer: efficiently packing


The MCP is the master among the horizontal packing units. Thanks to its modular design, the unit customizes perfectly all demands and packs up to 30 cup stacks per minute – hygienic and efficiently. The MCP can be easily integrated in thermoforming, injection moulding or printing production lines.

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