KTR Thermorunner Series

KTR Thermorunner Series

will boost your production figures

KTR Thermorunner

is more.

More robustness and availability. More performance and precision. More options in tooling with Kiefel Group Tooling or your preferred toolmaker. More than a machine. More solutions for downstream automation and T-IML.


The Kiefel Thermorunner series offers maximum cavitation in each machines size. Size matters, however the cutting force is also a determining factor to maximize output. Main attributes are: robustness and precision, standardized and customizable, safe and easy to operate.

A strong machine, a strong team


Stacking makes a major contribution to high machine uptime and to article quality. Vertical systems and mandred support increase your availability and reduce reject amount.



Barrier film processing

Proper heating is the key. Heating duration matters, check out our heater capacity. And equally important for output and uptime: cutting force! KTR will bring you ahead.





T-IML is a technology the industry is keeping an eye on. Kiefel offers proven high-end solutions. In offset printing even material distribution improves the quality of the product. Your decoration quality will benefit using KTR.



Bottom holes and name tag slots

Some cup or pot types product require specific functionality. This can be a machine, a tool or a combined solution. No matter what, the Kiefel Group will handle it.