One stop turnkey solution

One stop turnkey solution

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Thermoforming machines and/or tools, automation for downstream, complete turnkey projects, article development or material analysis and testing – we help to reach your targets. As a group or as an individual partner.

Automation - Reduced Labor, improved hygiene for your benefit

Capsules for coffee and other hot or cold drinks have taken over in most of our homes. There is great scope for continuing growth in the next years. The volumes are on the increase and consequently market seeks for more Automation.

The Kiefel Team has the solution! Thermoforming, tooling and product development, downstream! Counting and

packing into plastic bags, video Monitoring and out/in feeding devices, boxing and palletizing.


Care for a coffee?

Many more products where automation makes sense.

Capsules are products the industry immediately thinks about automation. For other mass production such as for cups or trays an engineering solution for packing automation can make sense.


Automation - Reduced Labor, improved hygiene for your benefit