The technology experts Your Kiefel Advantages

The technology experts Your Kiefel Advantages

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As a pioneer and market leader in vacuum and high frequency technology we produced the first system concepts in the 60s for surface finishing of the door panels of the legendary VW Beetle and shaped future-oriented high frequency technology.


Technology for the automotive industry:

  • Vacuum lamination of carrier part with PVC or TPO film
  • Vacuum forming of film for subsequent back-foaming and back-injection technology
  • In Mold Graining and In Mold Graining Laminating (IMG and IMGL)
  • Flexible Lamination Frame vacuum lamination (FLF) - innovative vacuum lamination
  • Press lamination
  • Edge-folding
  • Riveting, via patented ASC technology as well as ultrasound
  • High frequency welding
  • Punching
  • Pressing
  • Special processes
  • Automation

Vacuum forming and laminating technology

best aesthetics

Tailored Blank Lamination technology (TBL)

In Mold Graining

perfect aesthetics for high-tech cockpits

High frequency welding systems

for strong and durable connections

Edge-folding machines

for defined corners and edges

Pressing laminating systems

for high quality materials

ASC riveting machines

for high quality connections

Punches and punching tools

for sharp contours


variable punching unit

Presses and Pressing tools

for impressive results


for maximum efficiency