ASC riveting machines for high quality connections

Air Supported Contact (ASC) riveting machines

for high quality connections

Increasing technological and design-related requirements are increasingly making automotive interior linings to function modules of various surface materials. This permits door linings to comprise up to ten individual components with up to 100 connection points joining them.

Kiefel developed a pioneering special riveting process for thermoplastics and glass fiber reinforced materials - the Air Supported Contact (ASC) riveting process.


of ASC riveting systems

Vehicle interior:

  • Door panels, side panels, trunk liners
  • Dashboards
  • Centre consoles, consoles and covers
  • Pillar linings
  • Decorative strips
  • Boot lids


Vehicle exterior:

  • Bumpers
  • Mirror triangles
  • Decorative strips

Special properties of ASC riveting

Patented solution from Kiefel

  • Targeted energy input through an electric heating cartridge integrated into the riveting die
  • The riveting dome is precisely matched to the concerned forming volume of the riveting pin
  • Spring-loaded separate hold-down clamps at small intervals around the concerned riveting pin ensure gapless joining of the components
  • Gentle and slow riveting by servomotor-driven table travel
  • Fast cooling of riveting pin after the riveting process using compressed air produced by a radial compressor at the machine



Optimal results for automotive interior side panels: lasting, dimensionally stable, gap-free and thereby squeak-free connections with high-durability riveting head!

Your Kiefel Benefits

High quality

Very high riveting head durability and backlash-free connections without thermal or mechanical damage to the components. Squeaks and rattles are eliminated

Excellent economy

Through low energy consumption and short startup times of only 20 seconds

Short cycle times and tool change times

Wide standardized system spectrum

Depending on the cycle time, the required ergonomics, material flow or complexity of the connection task


Can be combined with additional connection processes (thermoplastic suspension rails and retainers auf natural fiber carrier parts, adhesive applications