Edge-folding machines for defined corners and edges

Edge-folding machines

for defined corners and edges

The edges of laminated, back-pressed or back injected lining components for automotive interiors place special demands on manufacturers. Clean and aesthetically flawless application of decor elements and precision folded edges are necessary to achieve the required product quality

Kiefel offers mature technologies for a range of requirements:

  • Edge-folding using cold tools and contact adhesives
  • Edge-folding with adhesive activation via hot air or infrared technology for dispersion or hotmelt adhesives
  • Adhesive-free edge-folding through carrier part plasticization


This additional refining process ensures that the decor material has a clean and crease-free edge with minimal gaps to the adjacent components.


Our edge-folding machines support you with precision, economy and repeatable results.


of edge-folding machines

  • Door and side linings
  • Door center components of film, fabric, leather, Alcantara
  • Dashboards, glove compartment lids
  • Various consoles and covers
  • Pillar linings

MULTIMASTER for rapid tool change

Fast and reliable tool change

Cutting edge technology - the MULTIMASTER range - excels through its extremely fast tool change in under ten minutes. The laminating tools of the laminating system can also be changed as quickly as in the preceding laminating process.

This ensures optimal material flow in production.

MULTIMASTER series edge-folding machines are available as single station systems for simple tasks as well as multi-station systems with additional integrated manufacturing steps such as punching operation

Your Kiefel Benefits

Standardized, link-guided, wear-free edge-folding slides

Pre-trimming possible in loading station

Prevention of film doubling

Edge-folding slides are controlled using ASI valve technology, allowing them to be individually adjusted

Optimal hot air distribution via 3D-printed hot air ducts

Tool change takes only a few minutes with the MULTIMASTER

Automatic loading by robots

Automation of upstream laminating processes

Integration of punching operations

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