High frequency welding systems for strong and durable connections

High frequency welding systems

for strong and durable connections

Attention to detail in a matter of course in the high-priced automotive interiors segment. Precise and flawless welds are indispensable. Excellent results require perfect alignment certain high-frequency welding parameters: pressing pressure, welding power, welding duration and cooling time.

As the pioneer and market leader in high frequency welding, Kiefel produced the first system concepts in the 60s for the VW Beetle and shaped the future of high frequency welding technology. This lead to developments including electrode safety devices (ESA) and parameter monitoring.


of high frequency welding systems

  • Joining different colored film for dashboards (two-tone)
  • Peripheral welding of sun visors
  • Embossed and decorative stitching for door and side linings
  • Welding of convertible tops and welding in of rear windscreens without additional seals
  • Application of embossing and lettering
  • Special applications
  • Protective insert welding on floor carpet

Your Kiefel Benefits

High quality

Cutting edge systems, tools and HF generator technology with individual power control and optional process monitoring


Multi-component turntable or shuttle table systems with high frequency welding presses ensure efficient manufacture


Tools can be changed quickly; depending on the articles, automated parts loading or integration of further manufacturing steps up to fully automated production lines