In Mold Graining perfect aesthetics for high-tech cockpits

In-Mold-Graining (IMG)

Perfect aesthetics for high-tech cockpits

IMG technology fulfils the highest standards for high-tech cockpits with complex, elegant and leather-like dashboards. The result: high quality surfaces with a homogenous structure and excellent feel.

Areas of application: In Mold Graining


  • Manufacture of molded skin for subsequent processing, e.g. back foaming

IMG-Lamination (IMGL):

  • Film is laminated onto the carrier part


Kiefel offers a comprehensively equipped range of IMG technology standard systems for processing rolls of material and precision blanks.




  • Dashboards
  • Door and side panels, including door trim, armrests, door beams
  • Various interior attachments

Your Kiefel Benefits

Optimal surface design

Minimal graining separation: graining is applied in the thermoforming process to achieve the required surface

High speed production and increased output

Large forming surface permits simultaneous manufacture of two dashboards

High degree of automation

by an automatic tool changer within only a few minutes

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Wolfgang Eglseer, Automotive sales director

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