Pressing laminating systems for high quality materials

Pressing laminating systems

for high quality materials

Impressive vehicle interiors incorporate high-quality materials such as leather, fabrics, imitation leather or Alcantara. 

Decorative and functional seams with contrasting colors on the interior components meet the increasingly sophisticated demands of the buyer for refined vehicle interiors.

Kiefel offers a wide range of systems and tools for this, and has decades of process know-how of all processes commonly used in press lamination technology.

Precision application of dispersion or hotmelt adhesives to the edges utilizing spin-spray and the bead application process supplement the product range to integrated adhesive application / press-laminating production cells.


Integrated edge-folding and automation

Integration of edge-folding technology in the press-laminating process as well as automation of downstream processes such as punching and anti-friction coating application or assembly tasks (clip and screw mounting) by robot or linear shuttle systems round off the range of products.

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of pressing laminating systems

  • Door panels and door applications such as waist rails, door center parts, armrests
  • Dashboards
  • Centre consoles
  • Pillar linings
  • Various attachments such as shelves and paneling
  • Parcel shelves
  • Trunk floor liners

Your Kiefel Benefits

Perfect edge-folding

Through a combination of press laminating and edge-folding


Due to the minimal manufacturing space requirements


Automated processes for rapid tool change and subsequent processing

Integration of precision edge adhesive application by robots

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