Tailored Blank Lamination technology (TBL) Your Kiefel Advantages

Pure efficiency with TBL technology

Unique vacuum laminating process

Kiefel has developed a unique vacuum lamination process as an alternative to the classic vacuum lamination process:

The Tailored Blank Lamination technology (TBL): Logical further development of classic vacuum lamination with a highly innovative procedure.

The TBL vacuum laminating system operates fully automatically, without any operating staff. The unique feature: The system uses tailored blanks for each component, from which the name is derived.

The degree of film draw-off has two-fold benefits - significantly improved quality of interior parts as well as tremendous film consumption savings due to the tailored blanks (= precision cut film blanks). Savings up to 45 % depending on component geometry allow rapid amortization of this novel technology.

The accompanying series machine concept makes operating personnel almost superfluous thanks to the use of robots. Furthermore, the new machine concept has an up to 50% smaller footprint than conventional vacuum laminating systems with the same output rate.

Innovation and high levels of automation

The film savings are due to the use of precision film blanks.

3D servo grippers that can move freely in every direction precisely position the film on the component before the lamination is carried out using vacuum technology. This results in a high-quality surface with extremely low graining separation.

Your Kiefel Benefits

Significantly improved quality

3D servo-grippers precisely position the film on the component, with minimal graining separation

Tremendous film savings

Film draw-off level reduced up to 45 %

Significant production surface savings of up to 50 %

Minimal installation surface compared with customary vacuum laminating systems

High degree of automation

Operating staff replaced with efficient robots


of vacuum forming and edge-laminating systems

  • Door components
  • Armrests
  • Storage compartments
  • Dashboards
  • All interior attachments such as consoles, covers, pillar linings

Wolfgang Eglseer

The highlights of the new technology are undoubtedly the film savings combined with the improved surface quality."
Wolfgang Eglseer, Automotive sales director

Available tools for vacuum forming and laminating systems

from Kiefel Automotive

  • Vacuum forming tools
  • Laminating tools
  • Molding tools