Vacuum forming and laminating technology best aesthetics

Vacuum forming and laminating technology

best aesthetics

Rising design and ergonomic standards for vehicle interiors require interior lining finishing with various decor materials. Our extensive experience in thermoforming of plastics such as TPO, TEPEO2® and PVC ensure that our systems and tools meet these requirements.

Our reliable processes and machine concepts are future-proof for our customers.


Innovative technologies: Flexible Lamination Frame (FLF) – and In Mold Graining (IMG)

We are a trailblazer offering two innovative technologies as variants and add-ons to classic vacuum laminating: Flexible Lamination Frame (FLF) – and In Mold Graining (IMG) technology.

IMG technology allows production of extremely high quality surfaces without graining separation.

FLF technology is an innovative vacuum laminating technology. This permits very high quality surfaces with extremely low graining separation. The use of precision blanks means that this procedure makes tremendous film savings compared with classic lamination and is thereby extremely economical.

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classic vacuum forming and edge-laminating technology

  • Dashboards
  • Door and side linings
  • All interior attachments such as consoles, covers, pillar linings
  • Watershield and insulating elements

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Available tools for vacuum forming and laminating systems

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  • Vacuum forming tools
  • Laminating tools
  • Molding tools