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Bag Manufacturing

Compact design and innovative technologies

Our future-oriented bag making lines allow you to produce high quality specialty bags or special application units for medical and pharmaceutical application according to your needs. Compact machine design, whether automatic or semi-automatic takes up less valuable space in the clean room.

In Kiefel bag making machines we pair innovative technologies with the highest machine and product quality standards. Depending on the required output, as well as film and component materials, the machines are configured with TC or RF welding technology, as inline, L-line, tray, or shuttle-table systems.


Your Benefits with Kiefel Bag Makers:

  • High production rates and optimal product quality
  • Optimized footprint with highest output per m² of cleanroom space
  • Wide article variety and high flexibility on the same machine
  • Reduced particulate matter generation
  • Highest bag quality through special welding steps and film and component treatment (thermo contact welding)
  • Most accurate welding process, the highest welding precision and welding quality available on the market through smart welding force control
  • Protection of tooling by ultra-fast arc suppression system (high frequency welding)
  • Highest precision tool design
  • Quick and easy change welding tool change mechanism for fastchange-over and less downtime
  • Self-diagnosis system for highest user friendliness
  • Control systems for quality assurance and reject part management
  • Machines designed for efficient maintenance and easy operator access



Inline Leak Tester

One of the most critical defects is a leak - the presence of a miniscule leak can have a severe outcome. Since manual checking for a leak is labor-intensive and lacks automatic data recording, Kiefel offers a 100% inline leak testing solution for e.g. blood-, plasma-, IV-, nutrition- and CAPD bags.

Your Benefits with a Kiefel Inline Leak Tester:

  • 100 % - every bag tested
  • Output of inline bag making machines can be matched
  • Module ready to attach to existing or new equipment
  • Automatic and individual discard of failed bags
  • Leak detection rate can be set to customer requirements
  • Proven technology