Form Fill Seal (FFS) Experts for Medical Machines

Form Fill Seal - for your pharmaceutical and medical bags

The Kiefel Form Fill Seal (FFS) systems unite bag making, bag filling & bag sealing perfectly in a single system.

Whether PVC or non-PVC, tube or port connection, single-, double-, or multi-chamber bags - depending on the film material used, we combine thermo-contact or high-frequency welding, component feeding and absolute precision filling technology.

Our FFS systems excel through their maximum output, compact design, best bag and machine quality.


Your Benefits with Kiefel FFS:

  • High production rates and optimal product quality
  • Optimized footprint with highest output per m² of cleanroom space
  • Wide article variety and high flexibility on the same machine
  • Reduced particulate matter generation
  • Highest bag quality through special welding steps and film and component treatment (thermo-contact welding)
  • Most accurate welding process, the highest available welding precision and welding quality through smart welding force control
  • Protection of tooling by ultra-fast arc suppression system (high frequency welding)
  • Quick & easy welding tool change mechanism for fast change-over and less downtime
  • Highest precision filling
  • Drop-free filling
  • Automatic CIP/SIP
  • Self-diagnosis system for highest user friendliness
  • Machines designed for efficient maintenance and easy operator access