Form Fill Seal (FFS)

Form-Fill-Seal - forming, filling & sealing of your medical bags

Everything from a single source

Form-Fill-Seal (FFS) systems - the system concept includes processing and process steps: Bag making, bag filing & bag sealing united in one system.

All of the steps are perfectly united in a single machine.

Whether tubes or port connections, single- or multi-chamber bags - depending on the materials used, we combine Thermo-Contact or High-Frequency welding with absolute precision filling technology.

Our FFS systems excel through their compact design, maximum output and best bag integrity.

Your Kiefel Benefits

in IV Bag Production, Filling and Sealing

High production rates and optimal product quality

Particle limiting technologies and film web adjustment

Servo Press Technology for optimal weld quality

Process monitoring and closed-loop control

Control systems for quality assurance and reject part management

Splice detection

Barcode-based tool detection

Comprehensive printing technologies

Film preforming and tube preheating

For thermo-contact welding

Innovative crossfield-welding technology

For high-frequency welding

Control systems

Of headspace, and/or residual oxygen, and drop-free control

Integrated/automatic CIP/SIP


Filling Excellence with Form-Fill-Seal-Solutions from Kiefel Medical