RF generators

Innovative Generators for Radio Frequency Welding

Traditional Tube Generators and Generators with Solid-State Technology

World market leader – outstanding reliability of our generators since 1950

Kiefel is the market leader in the radiofrequency welding & radiofrequency forming, also known as RF welding/RF forming or high freqency welding) and once again product pioneer. In addition to our well established tube generator portfolio, standing for long life-time, we have developed a state of the art device using the advantages of semiconductor technology.

The new welding generator works virtually maintenance-free, has no signs of wear and no efficiency losses over the entire lifetime.

Power made by Kiefel – Your benefits with the innovative solid-state generator:

  • Max. know how in the fields of: high frequency forming, radio frequency welding, cross field welding, thermo contact welding (TC welding)
  • No loss of power over the operating life
  • Maintenance-free
  • Simple operation: no specific RF knowledge required
  • Precise control of power output
  • Optimal utilization in clean rooms thanks to closed cooling system

Range of applications for RF technology:

Medical sector:

E.G. blood bags, urine and drainage bags, infusion bags, urine catheters and other medical products

Packaging Industry:

E.G. Blister packaging, drill-bit bags, passport wallets