Kiefel Packaging On top form

Kiefel Packaging On top form

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We are your thermoforming experts

Comprehensive know-how for rigid plastics packaging

Thermoforming Packaging - Trays

We provide the best conditions for manufacturing your plastics packaging.

Our KMD thermoform systems (steel rule cutting machines) produce a wide variety of packaging types including trays, containers, hinged packaging, pallets, blisters, lids, technical applications and much more.


Materials for processing e.g.: 

  • PET, PP, PS, PLA, PE

Food articles:

  • Baby food, bakery products, chocolate, ready meals, delicatessen, eggs, fruit, margarine, meat, patisserie, pet food, salad, seafood, vegetables


Non-food articles:

  • Products for medicine, horticulture, transport, cosmetics, technology, electronics

Cup production at its best: Intelligent technology, perfect quality and high production speed combined with low costs – with Kiefel as your reliable partner.

The combination of our thermoforming machines (cup forming machines) with our efficient and innovative stacking solutions allow you to gain maximum productivity.

In short: You profit from the best price-perfomance ratio for the production of cups, lids and coffee capsules.


Materials for processing e.g.:

  • PET, PP, PS, PLA, PE

Food articles:

  • Coffee and tea capsules, drinking cups, yogurt cups, cups for deli, ice cream and fruits

Non-food articles:

  • Flower pots

One stop turnkey solutions

For product development to turnkey systems - contact us!

Turnkey Solution - Thermorunner KTR

The Blowliner flawlessly meets the high demands of the premium sector cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and foodstuffs industries.

Advanced injection-stretch-blow molding technology makes a multitude of product variants possible. High quality and transparency of packaging is a matter of course.


Materials for processing e.g.:

  • PET, PP

Food articles:

  • Honey, ketchup, and baby bottles


Non-food articles:

  • Detergent bottles, cosmetics and pill packaging

Your Kiefel Benefits

Thermoforming - Know-How, maximum quality and reliability

As your technology partner for packaging solutions, Kiefel offers more than just machines. 

From product design to the process to the tool - we are your single source. We support our customers as a partner, from the joint development of new packaging to turnkey solutions.


  • We are thermoforming pioneers: Our comprehensive knowledge of various thermoforming technologies and extensive engineering expertise ensure the success of your project.
  • Maximum quality: Plastic packaging produced on Kiefel systems meet the highest quality requirements.
  • We are your one-stop supplier: From product design to the process to the tool and the custom automation - the Kiefel team is your effective and reliable partner, supporting you in every phase.


We are your partner for every thermoforming challenge.

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