Tilt stacking

Automation for thermoforming machines On top form

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Automation for thermoforming machines

Intelligent and innovative solutions

We have the right stacking and unloading systems as well as sophisticated solutions for downstream processes - individually tailored to the requirements of your product and your production.

Optimize your production with the automation solutions from KIEFEL Packaging.

Our stacking systems for the KMD Speedformer:

  • Up stacking
  • Down stacking
  • Tilt stacking
  • A/B stacking
  • Pick and Place Inline
  • Pick and Place to opposite operator side

Tilt stacking

The tilt stacking of your produced trays contributes enormously to high machine uptime and the quality of formed parts. Vertical stacking systems and stacking support increase your availability and reduce rejects.

With our tilt-stacking system for the KMD Speedformer series you can remove and process your products ergonomically and quickly.

Automatic Pressure Forming Machine - Speedformer KMD 85
Tilt stacking
Automatic Pressure Forming Machine - Speedformer KMD 85
Automatic Pressure Forming Machine - Speedformer KMD 85
Tilt stacking

Pick & Place

Pick & Place systems provide continuous output. A longer conveyor can serve as a buffer. The formed parts can be removed in an ergonomic position.

Stacking - Pick & Place

A/B stacking

A/B stacking is an economical solution when processing thin films and utilizing a high level of automation during unloading and filling. The KMD systems are perfectly designed for this.

Thermoforming Packaging - Cup

Intelligent automation for your KMD Speedformer system

Our solutions such as camera quality control systems and the SPEEDPACKER optimize the packaging and further processing of your products. Manual processes are replaced and staff costs are significantly reduced.

Automation solutions:

  • Counting and sleeving
  • Boxing and palletizing
  • Quality control

Your Kiefel Benefits

Great know-how in stacking systems

Minimization of working hours and costs

Better ergonomics for the machine operation

Improved workflows and higher output

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Extensive know-how for high-performance products

Tech Team

The Tech Team pushes boundaries and explores new methods and solutions. Always searching for the optimal result at the lowest cost and always at the cutting edge of technology. This is precisely why KIEFEL Packaging invests substantial sums in research and development.

This includes support in product development, R & D, materials research, product analysis and simulation.

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