Injection-Stretch-Blow Molding-Blowliner S

Blowliner Injection-stretch-blow molding

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The Blowliner series is the ideal system for manufacturing bottles and containers for the cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and foodstuffs industries. Available in Medium and Large.

The Blowliner Medium offers impressive value for money for products up to 280 mm tall. The strengths of the Blowliner Large are a maximum slug weight of 1,500 g and a closing force of 250 t. All Blowliner configurations can process PET, PP and PLA and their intelligent design can be upgraded for multilayer applications at any time.

The Blowliner flawlessly meets the high demands of the premium sector cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and foodstuffs industries: Outstanding quality and transparency of packaging, production from 3 to 40 million units.

The Blowliner covers your entire process chain: from granules to fully formed bottles to automated downstream processes - everything from a single source.


The Blowliner stands for sophisticated packaging and high quality standards regarding transparency and dimensional accuracy.

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Injection-Stretch-Blow Molding Blowliner L
Injection-Strech-Blow Molding-Blowliner M
Injection-Stretch-Blow Molding-Blowliner S

Blowliner series overview

  Blowliner M Blowliner L
Output - million parts/year 3 - 20 10 - 30
Clamping force - injection unit - t 100 250
Clamping force - blowing station - t 40 40
Max. shot weight (PET) - g 450 - 700 700 - 1050 - 1500

Sizes and versions of the Blowliner series

Blowliner M - Maximum Productivity & Quality

The ideal partner for manufacturing bottles and containers for the cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and foodstuffs industries.

The powerful and flexible system for annual production requirements of 3 to 20 million units.

Configurations available for special configurations for up to 800 g PET shot weight.



Blowliner L - Full flexibility!

The optimal system for producing narrow or

wide neck containers with annual production requirements of 10 to 30 million units.

Special configurations available for up to 300 tonnes of injection force and 2000 g PET shot weight.


Why Blowliner?

4 reasons why you should produce your products on a Blowliner:


Material savings and uncompromising quality

An especially developed preforming system for optimized, reduced product weight while maintaining quality



Flexible applications for various bottle and container sizes


High output

Due to high number of cavities


Products with barrier properties

Upgrading permits production of multilayer products with barrier properties

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System highlights

of the Blowliner series

Increased productivity

Reduced granule requirements thanks to specially developed preforming systems, ensuring optimal product weight and very high quality

Subsequent extension of product range

Mono systems can be upgraded to multilayer systems

Equipped with an intelligent gripper system for maximum speed

With linear gripper system

Flexible, simple and fast tool change

Shorter fitting times

Extremely low space requirements

Due to linear system setup

High repeat accuracy, precision and energy efficiency

Due to servomotors

More applications and services

Extensive know-how for high-performance products