Thermoforming Packaging - Machine

CAT - intelligent operator panel computer-aided teaching

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CAT - intelligent operator panel

Computer-aided teaching

Thermoforming requires a lot of experience. New product / tools, other plastic materials are often a big challenge to set up a proper recipe.


CAT is a self-adjustable intelligence = teaches machine parameters: heating adjustment, table strokes and speeds, delay and effective timings. This makes the operator’s job very simple indeed.


Feed the CAT

Little data is required. No machine parameters setting necessary!

Simply set the information about your product, film, tools … a few minutes that pay off.


CAT works for you

Based on the data set, CAT develops recipes. A benchmark recipe for 20 cycles/min and one maximum speed possible. Altogether it takes no more than 15 – 20 min to make professional articles.


Less tool change and set up time means more production time and this is where money is earned.