The Next Generation of the SPEEDFORMER KTR 5.2 Speed Cupforming System

KTR Thermorunner Cup forming machines

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Thermoform machines for high-end cup quality

Due to the optimized forming area, space can be used for larger tools with more cavities which might increase your output.


The forming area is a decisive factor in maximizing performance as well as the punching force. Flexibility is guaranteed when it comes to KTR systems: no matter if tools are supplied by Kiefel Packaging or your preferred tool designer.


The SPEEDFORMER KTR Series offers you:

  • Maximum performance and precision
  • Operation without punching offset guarantees highest product quality
  • Solide machinery design
  • Intuitive user interface (HMI)
  • Innovative cooling system ensures long tool life


The SPEEDFORMER KTR Series enables you to mass production of high-end cups using various film materials with different film properties.

Sizes and versions of the SPEEDFORMER KTR Series

  KTR 5.2 Speed KTR 6.1 Speed
Forming area - mm 775 x 380 785 x 585
Maximum height of formed part - mm 190 190
Punching force - kN 400 660
Maximum film width - mm 805 810
The Next Generation of the SPEEDFORMER KTR 5.2 Speed Cupforming System

The KTR 5.2 Speed leaves nothing to be desired: at home with mass production and niche products. Increase the efficiency of your plant with the right automation solution.



Cup Forming Machine - Thermorunner KTR 6.1

KTR 6.1 Speed sets the benchmarks: more power, more area, more speed. Get the boost for your result. With a combination of custom turnkey solutions, your project will be a success!



System highlights


Sophisticated, biaxial film spreading

Plug assist with water-cooled ball screw

Efficient cooling unit for faster, automatic temperature adjustment

Film sag monitoring and automatic adjustment of heating elements


3 reasons for producing your products with a KTR system:


Top quality for a wide range of edge and shape geometries

Perfect shape and structure e.g. precise U-edge and smooth / uniform sealing edge, sharp contours.


Outstanding transparency & clarity

Excellent material distribution for different materials


Flexibility in cup production

Extended cup height and deeper bottoms possible

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Extensive know-how for high-performance products

Tech Team

The Tech Team pushes boundaries and explores new methods and solutions. Always searching for the optimal result at the lowest cost and always at the cutting edge of technology. This is precisely why KIEFEL Packaging invests substantial sums in research and development.

This includes support in product development, R & D, materials research, product analysis and simulation.

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