One stop turnkey solutions From a single source

One stop turnkey solutions From a single source

One stop turnkey solutions

From a single source

Thermoforming machines and tools, downstream automation, complete turnkey projects, product development, material analysis and testing - we support you in achieving your goals.

Trays for packaging food and non-food items have become an integral part of our lives. They extend the shelf life of foodstuffs and protect them from damage. Demand will continue to grow in the next years. Production volumes are increasing and the demand for automation is rising correspondingly. Kiefel Packaging is your reliable partner! 

From product development to turnkey systems - speak with us!

One stop turnkey solutions

Thermoforming Packaging - Trays


Unrolling and preheating

The upstream provides sufficient, preheated, undamaged film for the molding process.

The KA unwinding device and the KVH preheating station are effective supporting actors.


KA Series

  • Intelligent film loop control, no stop & go
  • Film end indication
  • Modular expansion with lifting device and US splicing unit


KVH Series

  • Intelligent film loop control, no stop & go
  • Efficient film heating, low energy consumption
  • Can also be used independently for third party systems


Precision thermoforming technology

Benefit from our many years of experience in steel rule cutting technology in combination with high-speed machines. With our tools, you get finished products that meet the highest quality requirements. The stacking device is optimally matched to your product and perfects your system.

Qick tool change systems make your production flexible.


Our steel rule cutting and punching dies are suitable for the following materials:

  • PP, PET, PS, PE, PLA
  • Multilayered materials
  • Mineral-filled materials
  • Organic materials

KMD Speedformer - steel rule cutting machine

Performance from passion

The Kiefel Speedformer series is available in various sizes and configurations.

Automatic Pressure Forming Machine - Speedformer KMD 78.1

Downstream Automation

Intelligent Stacking Systems

We have the right stacking and unloading systems as well as sophisticated solutions for downstream processes - individually tailored to the requirements of your product and your production.

Optimize your production with the automation solutions from KIEFEL Packaging.