Packaging Technology Center Research & Development

Packaging Technology Center Research & Development

Research & Development at Kiefel

At our Technology Center, we advance our research activities into more sustainable technologies, processes and materials.

Our customers benefit here from sample productions and machine demonstrations that are optimally tailored to individual requirements.

Be one step ahead with your products

Lighter packaging? Increased stability? Or can material distribution be optimized so that the stack height can be reduced? These are all typical examples of development challenges that we deal with in research and development. We have the experience, the specialists and the opportunities to handle such projects ourselves.

Application in our Technology Centers

Focus on application: Manufacturing of samples and prototypes

In our Technology Centers, various types of machines for processing plastics, as well as for processing natural fibers for the production of samples and prototypes, are available for our customers.

A NATUREPREP KFP for high quality stock preparation of natural fiber pulp and the NATUREFORMER KFT series systems are located there for demonstrations and testing. The KFT can manufacture various fiber products, e.g. bowls, cups, secondary packaging for electronics, coffee capsules or flower pots. Tools are also tried out on the systems, machine tests are conducted and sample production is carried out in small batches. Prototype testing also takes place here.

There will also be plastic processing machines from the SPEEDFORMER series KTR and KMD for the production of cups and coffee capsules, as well as tray packaging for food, for test purposes and sample production.

Continuous optimization

In order to stay competitive in the marketplace, it is important to keep up-to-date with the latest state-of-the-art production lines in the marketplace and to aim for competitive comparisons. After various analyses, we can provide information about possible changes to optimize product quality and output. We also offer training that is tailored to your needs.


Our expertise makes your prototype concept successful. We produce samples with your product design and your materials on our own thermoforming machines. Further downstream automation like rim rolling, printing, sealing and sleeving can be tested.

Sample Production

We offer you the opportunity to execute trial runs on our own thermoforming machine. After a minimal investment in a simple matrix tool we quickly supply your desired sample.

Thermoform configurator

The most powerful online tool for thermoforming

Calculate different tool configurations on more than 40 thermoforming machines and determine your (extrusion) output. 


This calculation program is a tool to help you calculate:

  • Product weights against material thicknesses and vice versa
  • Tool layouts with the number of cavities and material usage for your thermoform machine


Calculate the right information at your convenience. You can calculate the number of cavities on various European machine types in the market. Tool layout and number of cavities are depending on many different parameters as machine type, machine serial number, sheet quality, sheet thickness, product heights, available infrastructure, skill of machine operators, stacking systems or many other variables.

Under some conditions, with reduced space for spreading the sheet or if you are willing to accept a less stable tool, the number of cavities can possibly be increased. In other situations there can be very good reasons to decrease the number of cavities. The Configurator uses standard machine data from machines, material and stacker systems.


Calculate your product at the Bosch Sprang™ Configurator here.

Thermoforming Packaging - Configurator
Thermoforming Packaging - Configurator
Thermoforming Packaging - Configurator
Thermoforming Packaging - Configurator
Thermoforming Packaging - Configurator