Stacking solution For tilting machines

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Stacking solution for tilting machines

Effective solutions for maximum performance for cup forming systems

The right stacking technology for your project: We guarantee the highest quality and custom designs tailored to your needs.

Optimize your production with the stacking solutions from KIEFEL Packaging.

Pick-up Stacker

The Pick-Up Stacker series is designed to minimize the unloading times of products from the thermoforming machine and to optimize stacking.


Your Kiefel Benefits:

  • Especially fast unloading
  • Up to 50 cycles/minute
  • Mandrel guided unloading and stacking
  • Allows high-speed and best-quality processing of very thin-walled cups
  • Stand-alone, easy to operate control


Various configurations:

  • Pick-up Stacker Compact
  • Pick-up Stacker semi-automatic
  • Pick-up Stacker automatic

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Tech Team

The Tech Team pushes boundaries and explores new methods and solutions. Always searching for the optimal result at the lowest cost and always at the cutting edge of technology. This is precisely why KIEFEL Packaging invests substantial sums in research and development.

This includes support in product development, R & D, materials research, product analysis and simulation.