Thermoform configurator Bosch Sprang™ Configurator

Thermoform configurator Bosch Sprang™ Configurator

Thermoform configurator

The most powerful online tool for thermoforming

Calculate different tool configurations on more than 40 thermoforming machines and determine your (extrusion) output. 


This calculation program is a tool to help you calculate:

  • Product weights against material thicknesses and vice versa
  • Tool layouts with the number of cavities and material usage for your thermoform machine


Calculate the right information at your convenience. You can calculate the number of cavities on various European machine types in the market. Tool layout and number of cavities are depending on many different parameters as machine type, machine serial number, sheet quality, sheet thickness, product heights, available infrastructure, skill of machine operators, stacking systems or many other variables.

Under some conditions, with reduced space for spreading the sheet or if you are willing to accept a less stable tool, the number of cavities can possibly be increased. In other situations there can be very good reasons to decrease the number of cavities. The Configurator uses standard machine data from machines, material and stacker systems.


Calculate your product at the Bosch Sprang™ Configurator here.