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Tools for steel rule cutting machines

Flexibility and compatibility for tool deployment

With more than 40 years thermoforming technology experience in the packaging industry (cups, trays, blisters, etc.), KIEFEL Packaging offers its customers customized tools of the highest quality. Everything to achieve one goal: your satisfaction and the unique productivity advantage.

We are always looking for the balance between optimal forming surface and film utilization, easy tool handling and the shortest unloading times. We excel through versatility and flexibility, delivering a productivity advantage and the best possible product to our customers.

KIEFEL Packaging develops and builds tools for steel rule cutting applications - separately forming and punching - and combined forming / cutting tools, suitable for all standard steel rule cutting machines and plastic materials such as PP, PS, PE, PET, PLA etc. Your tools will be tested and matched for mass production on the systems at the Kiefel Technology Center. We offer you the best possible forming surface and film utilization by means of a cavity arrangement individually adapted to your products.

We build thermoforming tools for all common thermoforming systems.

Forming/Cutting tools

The Kiefel Cut in Place (BFS) system enables the production of high-quality plastic packaging with the best price-performance ratio.

These tools are perfect for making trays and lids.


Your Kiefel Benefits:

  • High cutting accuracy, even for materials with different shrinkage
  • Cutting knives do not need to be positioned
  • Low tool costs compared to the conventional forming/cutting system, since no costly profile grinding of the cutting contour is necessary
  • Short equipping times: adjustment of a separate cutting station and the time required for changing blades and the punched counterplate is eliminated
  • High flexibility: all common materials can be processed
  • Low space requirements: no need for a separate cutting station
Thermoforming Packaging - Tool

Punching dies

Another modular version of the KMD series is combined with punching dies.

These tools are particularly suitable for medium and high batch sizes for the production of notch-free products.


Your Kiefel Benefits:

  • Vertical punching movement = high tool life and counted stacks
  • Optoelectronic positioning of the film web and servomotor positioning of the guide basket = exact punching position
  • Good accessibility of all moving components = easy machine maintenance
  • Integrated tool lifting device for easy tool change

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Extensive know-how for high-performance products

Tech Team

The Tech Team pushes boundaries and explores new methods and solutions. Always searching for the optimal result at the lowest cost and always at the cutting edge of technology. This is precisely why KIEFEL Packaging invests substantial sums in research and development.

This includes support in product development, R & D, materials research, product analysis and simulation.

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