Thermoforming Tools Service, maintenance & repair

Thermoforming Tools Service, maintenance & repair

Analysis with CNC Measurement

Basic inspection

The tool remains in the same condition as received.

  • General inspection of mold condition
  • Check of cutting parts condition (measurement of usable height) and expected remaining service life in reference to used fi lm thickness
  • Dismantling of downholder / downholder insert
  • Dismantling of ejector rods (clear baseplate for accessibility)
  • CNC measurement of assembled tool (cutting plate, cutting bushes, main guides, planarity)
  • Leak test of cooling system
  • Measurement of water fl ow rate and evaluation of tool performance
  • Detailed report
  • Thermoforming tool registration at with customer login
  • Customer consultation with Kiefel tool specialist


Analysis with Complete Tool Dismantling

Additional inspection

The tool is dismantled for analysis and then reassembled. Based on the analysis report the customer can decide if additional repairs should be done.

  • Full dismantling of all components
  • CNC measurement of individual components with reference to original design tolerances
  • Detailed report for customer
  • Reassembly of tool included in package price
  • Required spare parts for assembly are charged at cost (sealing, additional service work caused e.g. by corrosion)
  • Updated thermoforming tool data including assembly drawings, spare and wear parts list are uploaded to