Training Individual training concepts

Training Individual training concepts

Training for optimal use of your Kiefel Machine

Your Benefits

Kiefel systems set global industry standards. However, the key to your success will always be the human at the machine − whether operating, maintaining or controlling processes.

Make the most of your Kiefel system by introducing your staff to the latest technology. We provide needs-based training programs, with content designed for immediate practical implementation. Participants need to be able to perfectly understand and internalize the imparted knowledge to ensure that they profit from our training.

The professional team of Kiefel trainers helps deal with operating, maintenance and process control errors, thus reducing expensive system downtime and increasing your system productivity.

 Our Services

  • Cutting edge technology training
  • Custom training programs: we adapt to your machine configuration and your personal level of knowledge
  • Needs-oriented, hands-on training programs
  • Professional trainers with many years of experience and extensive know-how
  • Training documents for participants' individual use
  • Certificate for topics covered