Fiber Thermo­forming Natural Fiber Packaging 

Fiber Thermo­forming Natural Fiber Packaging 

Sustainable Packaging Solutions

New material competence

We put your product first and rethink product design and functionality, material and composition towards a more sustainable product. Depending on that we adapt the manufacturing process and optimize machines and tools for your production. Your sustainable product can be recycled easier and together we are closing the loop.

To meet your goals for a profitable and sustainable packaging, we aim to provide machines for processing a wide variety of materials. You choose whether you want to use classic recyclable plastics like rPET, bio-based materials like PLA or natural fiber. 


This choice is more important than ever, as consumers tend towards sustainable packaging. The market needs green packaging. At Kiefel, we took on the challenge and expanded our material competence and machine capabilities to offer you the solutions of tomorrow - thermoforming of natural fiber called Kiefel Fiber Thermoforming.

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Natural fiber packaging!

Find out all about Fiber Thermoforming and the Kiefel solution NATUREFORMER KFT 90 SPEED.

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Contact the Fiber team today!   We are happy to respond to any questions or requests and are open for any suggestions you might have. 
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Kiefel Fiber Thermoforming

Solving the demand for sustainable packaging solutions

Kiefel Fiber Thermoforming machines process high quality cellulose obtained directly from renewable raw materials like wood, plants and cane (virgin fiber/primary fiber) as well as recycled waste paper (recycled cellulose/secondary fiber).

High quality material processing

At Kiefel, we consider ourselves problem solvers and high quality solution providers. As a result our customers can now process natural fibers to create new packaging products - whether from virgin materials or recycled fiber. Kiefel has the right system for your products.

Fiber molded parts from Kiefel machines can be found in the food sector, logistics, agriculture and the high-tech sector.

Food & beverages e.g. fruits/veggies, cookies/chocolates, coffee cups
Agriculture e.g. flowerpots, seed trays

Discover our Fiber Product Solutions

Waterproof, biodegradable or perfect product protection - Kiefel knows how!

Pharmaceuticals, cosmetics & protective packaging e.g. smartphones 

Renewable Raw Material

Processing of primary fibers for the food sector & premium packaging for electronic goods

Primary fibers are suitable for food and beverage packaging like fruits, cookies and chocolate, coffee cups or for more advanced packaging of electronic goods like smartphones as well as for pharmaceuticals and the cosmetics industry.

Kiefel machines produce premium packaging with the highest surface quality and even colors. Also achieving full hygienic compliance required in the food, pharma and cosmetics industry.

There are no limitations to our packaging solutions.

Packaging from Waste Paper

Processing of secondary fibers for the agriculture sector & packaging for product protection

Secondary fibers are used for protective packaging and agricultural products. Examples include flowerpots, seed trays or transport packaging of industry goods.

Simple and functional packaging solutions become possible.

Cost-effective production, the option to use recycled scrap paper and a competitive/profitable end product are only a few of the benefits.

Benefits of Fiber Molded Solutions

Perfect product protection

Impact absorbing, robust, reduced volume

Sustainable packaging solutions

Biodegradable, reuse of waste paper or use of renewable raw materials, minor CO2 footprint


Grease and water repellent products due to coating or material composition, surface refinement through color & print

Individual product design

Various product design options including complex geometries

From Waste Paper to New Fiber Formed Packaging

Kiefel technologies and solutions make it possible

Paper and cardboard – dissolved in a water bath – create the raw material, known as pulp. Through application of pressure most of the water is removed and the wet basic form is created.

In the next step, the remaining moisture is removed and the basic form is dried by applying high pressure and temperature. The combination of the applied heat and pressure results in a very robust material for high-quality and dimensional stable packaging.

Alternatively, virgin fibers (unprocessed cellulose) can be used to comply with the regulations in the food industry for packaging solutions made from paper.

The Kiefel process - overview:

  1. Raw Material: primary or secondary fibers
  2. Fiber Preparation: refining with water to lower fiber concentration
  3. Forming: the majority of the water is extracted from the fiber mixture through the forming tool via negative pressure
  4. Pre-Pressing: continuous extraction of water, preformed product is pre-pressed and further drained with elastic tool 
  5. Hot-Pressing: reduction of residual moisture to a minimum through pressure and heat, refinement of contours/engravings, handover to lifting conveyors
  6. Quality inspection e.g. camera inspection systems (add-on)
  7. Automation solutions e.g. sleeving, boxing (add-on)
Thermoforming process NATUREFORMER KFT 90


Distinct Kiefel production process

The key feature of our machines is the thermoforming process itself: The water extraction procedure in combination with the cold pre-pressing technology reduces the moisture up to 60 %

The final press with heated tools reduces the residual moisture of the packaging product to approximately 7%. This new technology makes the production of high-quality surfaces possible in only 20 seconds*.

*referred to our reference product

Why choose Fiber Thermoforming from Kiefel?

Benefits of KFT 90

Top product quality

Extreme high forming precision due to form tied drying in hot press

Everything from a single source

From fiber preparation to automation - machine concept with integrated pulp basin and end product packaging solutions

Full flexibility

Up to 250 mm product height

Rapid tool change

Automatic tool change in 15 min.; flexible tool design (max. product variety); tool calculation with simulation calculation (FEM)

Proven Kiefel modules

Proven and reliable toggle concept with servo drives, punching force up to 600 kN and years of success in the market

High degree automation

Stacking, sleeving, boxing, palletizing, automatic inspection, etc.

Sizes and Versions of the KFT 90

There are two versions of the NATUREFORMER: Flex and Speed. Profit from a smaller installation surface and a simple and manual tool changing system with the KFT 90 Speed - a perfect starter modell for fiber molded products.

You want more?

The KFT 90 Flex comes with a fully automated tool changing system thanks to innovative robot technology. Your products can reach a height up to 250 mm.


  KFT 90 Flex KFT 90 Speed
Forming area - mm 900 x 600 900 x 600
Maximum height of formed part - mm 250 120
Punching force - kN 600 600
Shot weight - g 700 300
Cycle time - sec 20* 20*

*referred to our reference product

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