High-quality Fiber Preparation

NATUREPREP KFP - Kiefel Fiber Preparation

Discover our solutions for the preparation of natural fibers to produce high-quality packaging from natural fibers/pulp/cellulose.

Fiber molded parts from Kiefel machines can be found in the food sector, logistics, agriculture/nursery demands and the high-tech sector.

Get your ecological fiber packaging from one provider: Fiber Preparation & Fiber Thermoforming machine

Our Pulpers process common fibers as in the paper industry (primary or secundary fibers) , e.g. CTMP (chemi-thermical mechanical pulp), NBSK (northern bleached softwood kraft), UKP (unbleached kraft pulp), ONP (old news print oder old news paper), OCC (old corrugated cardboard or old corrugated containers).

You can get our KFP series in three different sizes: S, M and L.

Why Fiber Preparation with Kiefel?

Benefits of the NATUREPREP KFP - Kiefel Fiber Preparation

Everything from one System Provider

Carefree packaging: Covering whole process incl. Fiber Preparation

Small Installation Surface

Compact system enables combination of all units &  more output on small surface

Modular Design

Configurable fiber prep for tailor-made solutions due to various sizes & modules e.g. refiner module, additive module and many more

Fast Production Start

No welding or grinding on-site; simple & fast assembly & production start at customer

Flexible Relocation

Relatively easy change of position due to smart design, therefore fast adjustment to market requirements & individual needs of growing companies

Sizes and Versions of the KFP

Kiefel Fiber Preparation

The NATUREPREP KFP Fiber Preparation is available in the sizes S, M and L. Thanks to the KFT system you will get your Fiber Thermoforming system from only one provider.

Benefit from full flexibility, fast production start, easy relocation and a modular design.

You want more?

With smallest installation surface and highest mobility the KFP S is the perfect model for your entry in the fiber packaging business.

Whereas the KFP M and KFP L provide you non-stop output with up to 160 respectively 250 kg per hour. 

Output per hour 30 kg 160 kg 250 kg
Output type Batch-wise non-stop production non-stop production
Application Small production medium sized production volume high production volume

Various Modules & Options

NATUREPREP KFP - flexibly expandable

  • HD-Pulper
  • Deflaker
  • Refiner module
  • Pressure screen
  • Additive module
  • LD-Cleaner
  • Watertank integrated
  • more options

Your technology experts

Natural fibers - fiber preparation and machine system

Natural fiber packaging!

Find out all about Fiber Thermoforming and the Kiefel solution NATUREFORMER KFT 90 SPEED.

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Contact the Fiber team today!

We are happy to respond to any questions or requests and are open for any suggestions you might have. 

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