Our initiative Yes, we care

Our initiative Yes, we care

Yes, we care!

Our promise for proactive action as an innovation leader

We as Brückner Group want to take responsibility! This is why we launched the initiative "Yes, we care". This project is as much an acknowledgement to our own responsibilities in the matter of plastics and sustainability, as well as a promise to the employees in all the Brückner Group companies. Together we will act, develop visions, boost innovations and find solutions

"Reduce - Reuse - Recyle" should not remain a buzzword for us, but be filled with life. 

As a technology and market leader in the most diverse areas of the plastics and packaging industry, we have the opportunity to contribute our vision of the future and our engineering spirit for more sustainability.

"Yes, we care" is our promise

  • to keep all activities in line with sustainability 

  • to invest in a sustainable future with plastic 

  • for knowledge transfer for a better understanding of the needs and benefits of plastic 

  • to provide information on the correct use of plastic 

In short: We want to be part of the solution, not the problem!

Worldwide part of the solution

Brückner und PackSys Global India
Wir unterstützen die Organisation ONE EARTH - ONE OCEAN
Brueckner Group China
Richtiger Umgang mit Kunststoff: Schon die Kleinsten lernen, wie es geht. 
Finanzielle Unterstützung bekommt auch die ASASE Foundation.