#Kiefel supports COVID-19 updates

#Kiefel supports COVID-19 updates

Strong for our community

2020/20/05 – Wednesday

Doctors and nursing staff in clinics, in retirement and nursing homes, outpatient nursing services, medical practices, psychologists, physiotherapists, schools and children's homes, the city administration and many more have thanked us for donating our face shields.


Thanks for the great photos!


We are glad being able to help and make an impact!

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Strong for our community | Donation of FFP2 masks and disposable gloves

2020/30/04 - Thursday

To date we have donated almost 20,000 FFP2 masks and 3,000 nitrile disposable gloves to the crisis unit at the Berchtesgadener Land district office.

"Thank you very much for your great support!", District Administrator Georg Grabner expressed his gratitude to our CEO Thomas J. Halletz and Head of Marketing Cornelia Frank at the handover meeting at the Berchtesgadener Land District Office.

Thanks to our international network, we were able to purchase a large amount of protective equipment (FFP2 masks and disposable gloves) via the Brückner Group China in early April. "We are happy to help and are glad to be supporting nursing staff in clinics, retirement and nursing homes, outpatient nursing services and doctors in the district with protective equipment," said Thomas Halletz.


We are glad being able to help and make an impact!

#kiefelsupports #kiefel #besafe #gemeinsamgegencorona

Donation of FFP2 masks and disposable gloves for the Berchtesgadener Land district

Strong for our community | New Kiefel face shield model

2020/21/04 - Tuesday

After the successful start of our first production wave, during which we donated over half a million face shields in the region, a second Kiefel face shield model has been rolling off the production line since yesterday.


Simple & functional:

The face shield is now produced from a single piece on a system that normally manufactures food packaging (KMD78 Power steel rule machine).

One and the same PET material is used for the entire shield, including the head strap.

This model can be adjusted for the wearer’s comfort by simply undoing and connecting the head strap to achieve a comfortable fit in seconds.


The result:

  • One shield incl. head strap = one complete face shield
  • More efficient, whilst saving resources
  • The urgently needed shields are reaching doctors, clinics and nursing homes in the region even faster and in greater quantities
One PET film for two Kiefel shields
New Kiefel shield

Together we are strong for our community

2020/15/04 - Wednesday

Within one week we produced and donated over 500,000 face shields

We are glad that we were able to supply the crisis unit of the Berchtesgaden district administration in Germany with more face shields for the region. The fire department and THW (technical assistance) mobilized all their forces to distribute them to surrounding hospitals, medical institutions, doctors offices and nursing homes.

As previously announced, in addition to the Berchtesgaden district, we also provided the hospital in Traunstein with over 100,000 face shields and the first shields have been distributed to the Altötting/Mühldorf district.

We are also very happy to be helping beyond the borders: Today 100,000 face shields will arrive at the university hospital in Salzburg (Austria).

And our production continues …

We are glad being able to help and make an impact!

#kiefelsupports #kiefel #besafe #gemeinsamgegencorona

Klinikum Traunstein

plas.tv - Interview with Thomas Halletz (CEO)

2020/08/07 - Wednesday

"Kunststoff verbindet - eine Branche hält zusammen" in times of COVID-19

"Kunstoffe verbinden" ("Plastics joining")

Now producing face shields inhouse

2020/07/04 – Tuesday

Support of crisis unit Landratsamt BGD with 7,000 Masks!


Fast and effective:

The company Hörl and Kiefel literally realized the project overnight, producing face masks on their own machines with special tooling.


Cloak-and-dagger operation in the night from Friday 3rd April to Saturday 4th April 2020:

Our film supplier, Dannemann Global Extrusion GmbH, produced custom PET films - Thanks for the excellent performance! The film was delivered to Kiefel Thursday night. Thanks to the great commitment of the Kiefel staff, production started Friday night.


Record-breaking & very proud:

„… our colleagues did just great!” said Thomas Halletz, CEO of Kiefel.

Our praise and thanks go to Kiefel colleagues Andreas Jung, Gerhard Wieser, Peter Knoll and Martin Mooser, who finalized the machines and tools extremely quickly, as well a lot of other Kiefel team members, who rapidly procured the necessary materials and services.

Our excellent team swiftly constructed the punching tool, which was then manufactured on Friday afternoon by HF-Zerspanungstechnik GmbH, and be put into operation the following night.

Our partner, HÖRL Kunststofftechnik GmbH & Co. KG, manufactured the injection molding tool unbelievably quickly, providing the mask headband at top speed.

7,000 face shields already donated

This incredible performance and the work of everyone allows us to deliver our first masks to the Traunstein Clinic and the crisis unit of Landratsamt Berchtesgaden on Saturday afternoon.

We are proud to support our region by producing around 50,000 units per day. The masks are distributed by the crisis unit of Landratsamt Berchtesgaden to local hospitals, medical and doctor's facilities.

This shows incredible solidarity and cooperation in combination with fast and unconventional partnership!

Great thanks to everyone:

Dannemann, Hörl, HF-Zerspanungstechnik, Spedition Eberl and Kiefel employees Andreas Jung, Gerhard Wieser, Peter Knoll, Martin Mooser as well as the whole Kiefel team.


We are happy to help!

#kiefelsupports #kiefel #besafe #gemeinsamgegencorona

Our heroes

Production start of face shields last weekend

Donation of FFP2 Masks

2020/06/04 – Monday

Kiefel, as part of Brückner Group , has received a delivery of FFP2 masks from our platform company in China (Brückner Group China). In addition to protecting our own employees, we are unbureaucratic, quickly and directly providing 10,000 FFP2 masks to the Berchtesgaden District Administration. These were handed over to the local branch of the Berchtesgadener Land THW on Friday afternoon.


We are happy to help!

#kiefelsupports #kiefel #besafe #gemeinsamgegencorona