k.digital.<br>maintain Kiefel Driving Digital

Kiefel Driving Digital

Would you like an overview of the maintenance and activities of your Kiefel systems?

k.digital.maintain provides timely notifications for maintenance scheduling

The machine reports an approaching required maintenance with necessary measures and informs about potential dangers due to unsafe operating conditions before any damage occurs. An intuitive and intelligent platform allows you to keep track of all your machines and coordinate and plan their activities at a glance.

Maintain highlights:

  • All maintenance issues at a glance
  • Lifetime display of individual machine components
  • Measures and aids for standard maintenance tasks
  • Pending tasks with notes, confirmation function and comments section
  • History and real-time data for easy analysis of events
  • Secure transmission and certified storage of your data


Your benefits:

  • Reduce machine downtime
  • Plan maintenance efficiently and cost-effectively
  • Improve their productivity
  • Planning security for upcoming service deployments