k.digital.<br>monitor Kiefel Driving Digital

Kiefel Driving Digital

You want to keep an eye on your complete production on all devices?

With k.digital.monitor you have everything under control and dynamic diagrams allow continuous evaluation

Keep track of your entire production - whether on a PC or on your mobile device. k.digital.monitor shows you all important information about the status of your machines. In addition to the current production status, you can see extensive status data, offering you reliable production operation and further improvement options.


Monitoring highlights:

  • Operating and production status
  • Energy and resource consumption
  • On request: production costs
  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
  • Historical and real-time data visually clear and shown in progressions


Your benefits:

  • Overview of all machines
  • Current production status
  • Analysis of productivity from the factory to the machine
  • Dynamic diagrams for simple evaluation of single or multiple datasets