• Cover 2017, Obersee, Berchtesgadener Land, Bavaria - Photographer: Maximilian Wiesbacher
  • January 2017, At Epiphany (6 Jan), fearless women and men meet for the Bavarian "Hornschlitten" competition in Garmisch Partenkirchen, Bavaria - Photographer: Luciana Bley
  • February 2017, "Aperschnalzen", traditional involving the rhythmic snapping and cracking of a whip takes place in Salzburg and Bavaria - Photographer: Harmut Weber
  • March 2017, Easter decoration of a fountain in Bad Reichenhall - Photographer: Harmut Weber
  • April 2017, Balenese dance performed at a ceremony, Ubud area, Bali, Indonesia - Photgrapher: Gernot Rehrl
  • May 2017, The Danza de los Voladores, Mexico - Photographer: Gerhard Breitwieser
  • June 2017, In Rauris Valley, powerful Noriker stallions vie for dominance - Photographer: Anton Trainotti and the role of the lead stallion
  • July 2017, "Stoamandl" - Cairns are used as trail markers in many parts of the world - Photographer: Helmut Kuttler
  • August 2017, Samson giant figures procession in Mauterndorf/Lungau, Salzburg - Photographer: Reinhold Plot
  • September 2017, Traditional Bavarian folk music - Tanja Renoth
  • October 2017, Queens of the pastures, "Almabtrieb" - Luciana Bley
  • November 2017, "Butnmandl" - Gerhard Breitwieser
  • December 2017, Christmas Market - Gunter Felix

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