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from Kiefel
14 Nov 2014

Emballage 2014, Paris: Efficient stacking saves time and money

Kiefel focuses on “efficient stacking” at Emballage 2014 and presents a Speedformer KMD 78 SPEED with tip-stacking system which increases productivity substantially.


The innovative tip-stacking system already integrates the horizontal stacking step, making it very efficient at its task. The stacks are delivered at an ergonomic removal height via the conveyor belt. This results in a continuous removal stack, which is already oriented horizontally, an important first step to automation. The stack height, meaning the number of moulded parts, is freely selectable and programmable.


The forming process will be demonstrated at the Emballage trade fair using moulds with 16 cavities for PP biscuit insert trays.


It's also a system that offers increased reliability during production and substantially lowers tooling costs. Last but not least, it is also an economical alternative to robotic stacking, as it can also be used for stacking various different products.


The option to use A/B stacking, tipped or untipped stacks of parts, and the unlimited stack height make it a flexible solution. The tip stacking system can be used for a wide range of different moulded parts. Retooling is easy and quick to achieve.


Come and see the KMD 78 SPEED in operation at our booth 5a E127