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30 Aug 2013

Innovative stacking systems increase productivity

At the trade fair “K 2013”, Kiefel focuses on “efficient stacking” in the packaging area. The experts in processing plastic film materials present two innovative stacking systems which increase productivity substantially.


“We constantly think about how to support our customers in the best possible way and, particularly, how to increase the productivity,“ states Thomas J. Halletz, managing director of Kiefel GmbH. “Therefore, we focus on the topic of stacking procedures during the K 2013 in October. The forming and punching stations of our speed pressure forming machines already work very efficiently. But we realized that time can still be saved during the following steps,“ explains Mr Halletz. An efficient stacking system brings about a quicker removal and packaging or filling of formed parts and thereby increases productivity.


Kiefel will present two machines at the fair “K 2013” which increase productivity significantly due to their innovative stacking stations.

At the fair, the company will demonstrate how to produce highly transparent, polypropylene cups using the successful high-performance cup forming machine KTR 5 SPEED combined with the innovative stacking system BEST.


Stacking station BEST: time saving due to its unique, vertical stacking concept

What makes the stacking station BEST so special is that the cups are stacked vertically. “Thereby it creates optimal conditions for the next automated steps such as sleeving and packaging,“ explains Mr Halletz. This type of stacking saves time and increases productivity.


The stacking station BEST has been developed by Kiefel particularly for the food industry. This stacking system does not include any wear parts and therefore guarantees a high product safety.

Combined with the stacking station BEST, the KTR 5 SPEED reaches almost the same cycle times when processing PP as when processing PET.


“Efficient stacking saves time and money”

A highly efficient stacking system is also integrated in the pressure forming machine KMD 78 SPEED, which will also be presented at the “K 2013” by Kiefel. By means of a 16-up tool, biscuit trays made of PP will be produced. Factors like an optimal material processing and an outstanding stackability have a positive impact on the quality of the formed parts. This stacking system already comprises the formation of horizontal stacks and is therefore especially efficient. A conveyor belt with an ergonomic height transports the stacks out of the machine.


It should be highlighted that both the KTR 5 SPEED and the KMD 78 SPEED are very flexible regarding the material processing. Not only PP and PET can be processed perfectly but also bioplastics like polylactides (PLA).

Innovative stacking systems increase productivity