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from Kiefel
26 Aug 2014

Vertical peripheral punching technology enables notch-free processing of formed parts

For punching and stacking of trays with film application, lids and products with special requirements, the KIEFEL eccentric punch KES 85 is the perfect solution.


Moreover, the KMD SPEEDFORMER combined with an eccentric punch KES 85 ensures cost effectiveness when it comes to large-scale production and impresses with its vast range of applications. 


A robust machine design and an eccentric crank drive are technically indispensable to reach the highest performance level. The production speed of 120 cycles per minute is outstanding.

The vertical punching system minimizes the effect of transverse forces. All cycle movements are servomotor-driven.


This concept combines low tool costs with the best stacking solutions. Combined hole punching and periphery punching is possible. The whole tool block can be changed easily and quickly with a crane.


Convenient operation is achieved by the Siemens Simotion control system, which is especially adapted to the user’s needs, and a touch screen with teaching function for new products. 


The KES 85 is best suited for the production of parts of PS, PP, PE, PVC, PET and PLA and can be combined with every Inline Thermoforming Unit.