Vacuum Forming and Laminating

Vacuum Forming and Laminating

Optimum Quality and Cost-efficiency

The forming and laminating machines are designed on a modular basis

as single station, inline or turntable machines

Configurations are available for all the forming and laminating tasks involved in the manufacture or finishing of interior- or exterior-trim components in various materials.


Whether for door linings, A-, B-, and C-columns, shelves, consoles or coated film materials. Customers can count on optimised matching to their individual requirements.



  • Vacuum forming and laminating
  • Vacuum forming and laminating with the In-Mold-Graining Process (IMG)
  • Integrated cutting and trimming solutions as well as edge folding on the laminated parts by collapsing stroke

Possible Applications

  • Instrument panels
  • Door- and side-trim elements
  • Consoles and covering elements
  • Door handles and armrests
  • Storage shelves
  • Map pockets
  • Pillar liners
  • Luggage-compartment liners
  • External trim components
  • Water-shielding and insulating elements
  • Inserts