Ostomy-Bag Machines

Ostomy-Bag Machines

Osotmy-bags are nowadays made of extremely thin materials. In order to ensure maximum reliabilty and product quality, their manufacture requires constant monitoring of the welding parameters. Our entire range of machines, which runs from semi-automatic

lines with manual feeding of components to fully automatic variants, is designed to offer customers an optimized solution for their particular needs. The modular design of these units allows systems upgrading in later stages.




  • Wide product-range (open/closed pouches)
  • Maximum efficiency based on automatic product changeover
  • Semi- or fully automatic component feeding
  • Minimal tool changeover times, on-screen-controlled
  • User-friendly machine control system and display


  • Fully automatic filter feed
  • Diagnosis system
  • Component loading with flexible feeding system
  • Vision system for auto-correct technology
  • 2-4 layer materials