Kiefel RF Generators
Kiefel RF Generators

Kiefel RF Generators

On the Cutting Edge

Innovative RF-Generator Technology

Kiefel is the market leader in high-frequency welding and has been launching yet another innovative product. At the 2016 K trade fair in Duesseldorf, Kiefel exhibited an ultramodern radio-frequency generator with semiconductor technology, thus marking the beginning of a new generation.


Power made by Kiefel

The Kiefel semiconductor generator – all the benefits at a glance:

  • no power loss throughout its service life
  • maintenance-free
  • operation is simple: the user does not require any specific knowledge of radio-frequency systems
  • 50% less space required
  • freely adjustable power output
  • existing tube generators can be replaced 1:1
  • the closed-loop water cooling system makes the generator ideal for use in clean room applications