Serving the Packaging Industry

Serving the Packaging Industry

Packaging – Solutions from a single source

Our Technology Center brings you a step ahead


The Kiefel Technology Center is equipped with standard KMD and KTR production machines as well as numerous other Lab-Thermoform- and test Equipment.

  • Access to further capabilities and devices in a Team with Kiefel Packaging B.V. and KIEFEL Packaging GmbH
  • Support provided from basic material testing and/or product development for tuning up your thermoforming production
  • Dedicated training for operators and maintenance staff
  • Thermoforming courses in German, English or other languages on request

Better products and higher yields are our motivation.


Together with Kiefel Packaging B.V. and KIEFEL Packaging GmbH, Kiefel has access to a broad range of services and equipment. That makes Kiefel to a strong partner for realizing complete turnkey projects. 


Thermoforming machines and tools, automation for downstream, article development or material analysis and testing  - Kiefel supports to reach specific customer Targets.


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