KMD Speedformer Series

KMD Speedformer Series

- flexible for your needs

KMD Speedformer

The name Speedformer speaks for itself. Performance is our passion.

Fast for high volumes, economic for smaller jobs. Flexible in the production of food or non-food articles, versatile with all common thermoforming materials. Modular and configurable for your requirements and added functions such as notch-free punching solutions.


The Kiefel Speedformer Series offers all standard machine sizes and configurations. Capabilities for all common plastic materials in thermoforming.


Main attributes are: robust and precise, standardized and customizable, safe and easy operation.

Experience and know-how provide confidence


Stacking contributes enormously to high machine uptime. As article designs can differ greatly, Kiefel offers various stacking systems to provide the best solution.


A/B Stacking

Repeatable distance part-to-part is key for auto de-nesting. A/B method is the alternative to undercut design. Kiefel offers integrated machine solutions for A/B stacking to minimize tool costs.



Cutting at its best

Precision cutting is a requirement for trouble-free stacking. Kiefel is the knowhow leader in steel-rule technology fulfilling requirements such as precision, smooth cut edges, durability and long-life knives, etc.



Form & Function

Thermoformed products protect, preserve and display food and have to meet functions such as: rim for sealing, rims for tightly fitting lids, etc. Kiefel was the forerunner in integrated plug-assist drive and BFS system in KMD type machine addressing increasing product challenges.