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12 Sep 2013

“K 2013“: Kiefel presents innovations in medical sector

At the trade fair for plastics “K 2013”, Kiefel will present innovations in the field of processing plastic film materials in the medical sector. One of the highlights is the new solid state generator for the high-frequency welding of medical bags made of PVC.


New products for processing plastic film materials in the medical sector will be presented by Kiefel GmbH during the international trade fair for plastics “K 2013” in Düsseldorf, Germany, in October. One of the highlights is the new solid state generator with an output of 8 kW. In comparison to the tube generator, the solid state generator does not wear and enables high-frequency welding of particularly high-quality medical bags made of PVC. Due to an elaborate modular concept, a series of generators with outputs between 8 and 32 kW are possible.


Another innovation is the table filling module KTFM which allows flexible filling of bags with volumes between 50 and 6,000 millilitres. The KTFM can be used as individual filling module or as a production unit with up to five modules. From 500 up to 4,000 bags with a volume of 500 millilitres can be produced per hour on a production unit. Plugs are feeded automatically or manually, as desired. At “K 2013”, Kiefel will present the table filling module KTFM and the solid state generator in combination with the double sliding machine KST 70/40, which has already proven its success.


Kiefel is developing new machines for the medical sector

In the past few months, Kiefel could expand its technological leadership in the medical sector by developing new machine concepts. “Our new Form-Fill-Seal machine KFFS ensures a high output with an outstanding quality,” states Thomas J. Halletz, managing director of Kiefel. This machine produces up to 6,000 bags per hour. Depending on the design of the product and the film material, it is even possible to prevent waste to a great extent. Further highlights of this Kiefel machine are: constant monitoring of welding parameters, a user-friendly control system and maximum flexibility due to the modular design.


Kiefel is world market leader when it comes to the construction of machines for the production of blood bags. By designing the two new compact blood bag machines KBM 302 and KBM 304, the German company has proven its competence anew. Both machines guarantee the high-level quality that Kiefel is known for, maximum flexibility and a high output. “These machines are also characterized by an excellent price-performance ratio,“ emphasizes Mr Halletz. He remarks that the new Flex-Feeder-System is also very popular with the customers. “This system is very flexible. It allows processing of a wide range of components. The robots in use are camera-guided“.


“Customers highly appreciate our innovative solutions”

“Due to our high quality standard and our innovative solutions, we have built up an excellent reputation in the medical sector in the past few years. Our customers can determine the level of automation of their machines and are thereby able to increase their productivity,“ states Mr Halletz. Kiefel is designing and constructing machines for the production of blood bags and filters, catheter systems, nutrition, dialysis, infusion, colostomy and urine bags. Well-known customers as Baxter, Tyco, Healthcare, Vamaco and Fresenius are convinced of the quality of the high-tech installations of Kiefel.

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