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from Kiefel
07 Sep 2016

On the cutting edge - innovative Generator Technology

Kiefel - the semiconductor technology pioneer


The latest generation of high-frequency generators for medical plastic film
processing makes use of semiconductor technology. KIEFEL GmbH, based
in Freilassing, Germany, will now unveil their new semiconductor generator. It
was developed at the company’s in-house innovation and technology center.


Power made by Kiefel. Kiefel is the market leader in high-frequency welding and is
launching yet another innovative product.

The demand for high-frequency devices is particularly great in the medical technology
industry, where they are used, for example, for welding blood or infusion bags.
The polar plastic films, such as PVC, PU or EVA, that are used in applications such as
these, are heated and joined under pressure using high-frequency energy. The energy
required for this process is produced by a generator, fed into the material via
electrodes and sets the polar molecules in the plastic in motion. This alternative
to conventional tube generators now makes use of the latest cutting edge technology:
semiconductor technology. The high-frequency power required for the process is now
generated by semiconductors instead of the vacuum tubes used thus far. The new
welding generator requires next to no maintenance, shows no signs of wear and tear
and does not exhibit any loss of power throughout its entire service life. By using
the semiconductor generator, there are now far fewer operating and handling

Modular and flexible

The Kiefel semiconductor generator can also be integrated into existing systems.
In contrast to tube generators, its power output can be set freely between zero
and the rated power output, thus making it extremely flexible in terms of its power
range and when tools are introduced. This enables the customer to carry out a large
variety of welding tasks with one generator and produce a wide range of products
with a consistent weld quality.

The benefits are obvious: No wear and tear, straightforward operation
and maintenance, a wide power output range and a 50% lower space requirement.
The very first generator based on semiconductor technology is particularly suitable
for clean room applications due to its closed-loop water cooling system instead
of using a fan cooling system and the lower space requirement. A real bonus!
With the launch of the semiconductor generator, Kiefel has demonstrated once
again that it is the market leader in technological development for the medical
technology industry.

The Kiefel semiconductor generator – all the benefits at a glance:


  • no power loss throughout its service life
  • maintenance-free
  • operation is simple: the user does not require any specific knowledge of highfrequency systems
  • 50% less space required
  • freely adjustable power output
  • existing tube generators can be replaced 1:1
  • the closed-loop water cooling system makes the generator ideal for use in clean room applications



RF-Generator with semiconductor technology