Kiefel at Interplastica 2019

06 Feb 2019

Positive result for Kiefel at Interplastica 2019 – Increasing importance of energy efficiency and recycling

The CIS market for plastic and rubber products stands for solid business and positive prospects also for Kiefel. The packaging segments are growing steadily, and the medical/pharmaceutical industry of the largest European country with a population of 145 million is facing major challenges.

“In this situation, innovative solutions for all areas of the plastics and rubber processing industry are very much in demand, particularly because issues such as energy efficiency and recycling are becoming increasingly important. There is still considerable need for investment in Russia, with production capacities being expanded and modernised”, reports Dr. Alexander Noskov, Managing Director at OOO KIEFEL, Saint Petersburg.

And Kiefel also sets new trends in cup-forming when it comes to speed and performance. The Thermorunner KTR 5.1 Speed cup forming machine leaves nothing to be desired. It is at home both in mass production and in niche products; intelligent technology combines perfect forming quality with high production speeds.

The packaging industry paid also attention to Kiefel’s latest automation module for the KMD Speedformer series. The thermoforming specialists have launched the SpeedPacker. The SpeedPacker is a buffering and unloading station that is fully integrated into the steel rule cutting machine. Buffering is key to reducing personnel requirements and achieving tremendous cost savings.

Another item discussed at the show, for the medical technology sector in this case, was Kiefel’s filling machine for infusion bags. The advantage of the new filling technique used lies in its compact design and highly-precise functioning procedure. The filling unit is part of an innovative machine concept for the manufacture of bags for medical use, designed to occupy minimum floorspace, while delivering high output rates.

Also a number of projects in the automotive industry sector for manufacturing interior components, have been discussed intensively and above all Kiefel machines attracted with best efficiency.


We wish to thank all visitors and business partners for their interest in our products and the fruitful discussions we had at the common booth of the Brückner Group at Interplastica 2019.

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Neuigkeiten & Infos von Kiefel

15 Apr 2019

Packaging Dialogue Days - Wir laden Sie ein!

Seien Sie unser Gast und verbringen Sie mit uns einen informativen Tag mit hochkarätigen Vorträgen, fachlichem Austausch und Networking.

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Kiefel Packaging at Chinaplas - Thermoforming solutions from a single source

Kiefel, a pioneer in the field of thermoforming, drives the performance of its customers. In recent years, the company has become a leading solution provider in the thin-walled packaging sector.

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Revolution des Vakuumkaschierens: Die Tailored-Blank-Technologie (TBL)

Völlig neuartige Vakuumkaschiermethode – das Tailored-Blank-Lamination-Verfahren - erfüllt die hohen Qualitätsanforderungen der OEM´s an die immer mehr dreidimensional ausgeprägten Bauteile. Zusätzlich spart das neue Verfahren Folienkosten in Millionenhöhe.

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10 Mär 2019

Satatuote setzt auf Know-how von Kiefel

Der finnische Experte für thermogeformte Verpackungen hat sich für eine Thermoformanlage von Kiefel, eine Speedformer KMD 78 Power entschieden.

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15 Jan 2019

Kiefel - Effiziente Automatisierung spart Personal

Die Kiefel GmbH, Freilassing setzt bei den Thermoformanlagen auch im Bandstahlbereich auf den Themenschwerpunkt „Effiziente Automatisierung“. Mit dem SpeedPacker bietet Kiefel nunmehr ein Modul für optimiertes Verpacken des Produktes an der KMD Speedformer Serie. Der Einsatz steigert deutlich die Produktivität.

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Becherformung – Fokus auf SPEED und Leistung

Die Becherformanlage Thermorunner KTR 5.1 Speed von Kiefel lässt kaum Wünsche offen. Zuhause sowohl in der Großserie als auch bei Nischenprodukten verbindet die intelligente Technik perfekte Formqualität mit hohem Produktionstempo.

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07 Jan 2019

Kiefel Automotive Division unter neuer Leitung

Andreas Staudinger hat bei der KIEFEL GmbH, Freilassing die Verantwortung für den Geschäftsbereich Automotive Division übernommen. 

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Kiefel Lieferantenauszeichnung 2018

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Immer unterwegs – trotz Dialyse

Besuch einer Dialysestation mit Blick in den Krankenhaus- und Patientenalltag.

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27 Nov 2018

A view back to Plastics & Rubber Indonesia 2018: Kiefel focused on packaging industry.

The packaging industry of the largest South East Asian country with a population of 264 million has experienced an enormous boost over the last years. Beside the steadily increasing demand, the focus of our customers has turn toward energy saving and sustainability.

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