Kiefel organized a successful Technology Day for customers from the China Automotive Industry.

28 Sep 2018

Experts from China Automotive Industries made the Kiefel Automotive Dialogue in late September 2018 at Brueckner Group China facilities in Suzhou a great success.

Current and future challenges for manufacturers of automotive interior parts were discussed and innovative solutions were presented in the context of a local perspective and with international expertise. Solutions for material saving, space saving and automation impressed the participants. The main focus was on the Kiefel Technology Center in Suzhou, tool-making in China and Kiefel’s sophisticated Flexible Lamination Frame Technology.

In their presentations, speakers from Kiefel, Galvanoform, ITW, and other partners gave an insight on new technologies and technical solutions.

Andreas Jung, Head of Technology & Process Automotive Industry, introduced Kiefel's Flexible Laminating Frame (FLF) technology. The advanced machine system allows savings up to 40% in material consumption compared to conventional processes, whilst simultaneously reducing the degree of film stretching and minimizing the installation footprint.

The also newly developed VarioTrim punching device has been presented by Rainer Kürten, Technical Director at KIEFEL Automotive s.r.o. This machine is completely customized to customer requirements and has been successfully introduced to the market this year. In addition to efficient punching of openings in instrument panels, the greatest amount of possible variants, as well as minimal installation area, the tool change is also a USP.

The Kiefel-Team at Brueckner Group China wishes to thank all attendees for their contribution to a successful and informative Kiefel Automotive Dialogue.


Brueckner Group China Co., Ltd

No. 95 Xinglin Street, Suzhou Industrial Park

215027 Jiangsu Province, China


布鲁克纳机械(中国)有限公司 中国江苏省苏州工业园区杏林街


电话:+86 512 62555261 / 62555300


Kiefel Automotive meeting

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