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Kiefel Technologies

Thermoforming and joining technology specialists

Kiefel Medical

Your dependable partner for reliable & innovative solutions

The medical and pharmaceutical sector demand the highest standards. Kiefel's systems for producing pharmaceutical and medical specialty bags and functional units guarantee high-quality products in these important sectors.

Costs, physical requirements, ecological aspects - a multitude of factors must be taken into consideration when selecting a suitable film material. Whichever you may opt for, Kiefel, the leader in high-frequency and thermo-contact welding is always your partner.

Kiefel customers get reliable solutions that ensure success in the market and steadiness. Our solutions mean dependability for your projects. 

Kiefel Packaging

Your partner for every challenge

We are in great shape and perfect your packaging

As your technology partner for packaging solutions, Kiefel offers more than just machines. 
From product design to the process to the tool - we are your single source for everything. We support our customers as a partner, for example in the joint development of new packaging. All of the processes are highly automated.
Your partner for every task: Kiefel accompanies customers from product development to mass production.

Thermoforming Packaging - Meeting

Kiefel Packaging

NEW: Fiber Thermoforming

Natural fiber packaging

Kiefel Fiber Thermoforming machines process high quality cellulose obtained directly from renewable raw materials like wood, plants and cane (virgin fiber/primary fiber) as well as recycled waste paper (recycled cellulose/secondary fiber).

Kiefel Appliance

Your partner for high-quality refrigerator components

Stay cool

Systems for manufacturing refrigerator components are another focus of forming technology. High performance forming systems from Kiefel permit complex forms and refrigerator designs, whether for cooling or freezing, indoors or outdoors, combined or simple.
Kiefel customers get everything they need from a single source and we help you achieve your goals competently, efficiently and fast

Kiefel Appliance

Kiefel Service

Your dependable After Sales partner for Packaging, Medical, Appliance & Automotive

You can rely on us

Providing first class service and the best servicing to our customers at all times is our highest priority. With Kiefel Service you profit from a comprehensive range of services which ensure your maximum productivity.

We will support you throughout the lifetime of your system. We are fully committed to optimizing the availability and value conservation of your systems.

Thermoforming Packaging - Lab


Long-term thinking - the key to success in the world of mechanical engineering

Kiefel Technologies

Thermoforming and joining technology specialists


For 60 years, Kiefel has been a market leader in design and manufacture of plastics processing as well as natural fibers. We are thermoforming and joining technology specialists and our global sales and service network has representatives around the world.

Prestigious manufacturers in the medical technology, refrigerator and packaging industry rely on Kiefel.

We are your partner for every task, accompanying you from product development to mass production.

Our pioneering spirit combined with a creative and highly motivated team make us unique in the industry.

We are committed to the success of your projects and offer you reliable solutions!

Your Kiefel Advantages:

  • Kiefel helps you achieve your goals, competently, efficiently and fast
  • One-stop-shop: from product design to the process to the tool – we accompany your success story
  • Custom, cost-effective solutions
  • Innovative technologies
  • High quality
  • Long-term, reliable customer service

We are specialists for plastics processing systems:

  • Packaging
  • Medical
  • Refrigerators

Kiefel as your partner in each stage of your project

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