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Here you'll find our current vacancies. We look forward to your application.

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Speculative application

No suitable vacancies for you available at the moment? Then you can always send us a speculative application. Or visit our website again soon. We have many opportunities and possibilities:

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Vacancies at the Brückner Group

Here you'll find the current vacancies at all the companies in the Brückner Group. If you can’t find anything suitable here today, it’s worthwhile paying us another visit soon. Because we have many opportunities and possibilities.

Who we are looking for

Good collaboration between employers and employees depends on many factors. In order for it to work well in the long term, it is not only vital that the technical qualifications are correct, but also that the personalities are compatible. If you think that the following attributes apply to you, then the prospects are very good for our future together:

  • Capacity for teamwork: Most of our tasks can only be completed collectively, We stick together because we don't shy away even from difficult challenges.
  • Flexibility: Our tasks are diverse and varied. There is no stagnation – and no boredom either. We always think one step ahead and solve every problem.
  • Generalists: Thanks to our four divisions and the variety of technologies employed, our employees are not only responsible for one task. We have a trans-sectoral mindset and are also specialists in many fields.
  • Down-to-earth attitude: We are firmly rooted in our regions, we are committed in our dealings with customers and colleagues, and we keep a grip on reality, despite our success.
  • Openness: Our company is a meeting place for many different personalities and cultures – be it in dealing with customers or internally, both on site and at our many locations.
  • Readiness to travel: Our machines are situated all over the world. Consequently many of our employees are repeatedly on the road to perform their duties on site.
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